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About Master

Professor Dr. Kader Ibrahim is the only Malaysian to hold a Ph.D. degree in Nutrition, Psychology and Para Psychology. He also has the distinction of being the first Malaysian to introduce subjects such as Brain Engineering, Telepathy. Color Therapy, and Spiritual Aura in the Tamil language, and conduct regular courses in these fields.

He is a profile writer, and has thus far produced more than 20 books on psychology, health and mind power, both in Tamil and in English. It is worth noting that he was won gold medals for his publications on health and mental power from international universities. His first publication, entitled “Success is in Your Hands”, was one of the largest selling books in Malaysia.

Currently, Dr.Kader conducts courses, seminars and workshops not only in Malaysia but also Singapore, Myanmar, India and England. In addition, he serves in a professorial capacity in eight international universities, upon invitation from the Indian overnment, he has conducted a special program for higher executives of the Indian Police Force.

Another estimable fact is that he is the only to be officially appointed by the Malaysian Government (specifically the Prisons Department and Rehabilitation Centres) to conduct courses on self-confidence and psychology for Tamil speaking inmates. Most of these courses are conducted free of charge in order to help Malaysian youth get hack on to the right track in life.

Dr.Kader has also conducted many free talks and events focusing on prominent figures in Indian history and culture (who had once contributed much to the development of our society and who have since been largely ignored or forgotten).A large part of his life has been spent on creating awareness about the greatness of the Tamil language and Tamilians — it would be no exaggeration to say that he has brought about a positive mental revolution among the Tamil speaking people, both in Malaysia and abroad, with regard to the way in which they perceive themselves and their heritage.

His student programs have an impressive success rate as he infuses his facilitation methods with principles and practices of psychology. On stage demonstrations have also added a new dimension of innovativeness. Many have become much more aware of issues related to their health and well-being by means of his numerous talks on the topic.

Dr. Kader has attracted large audience in many countries. His radio and TV shows have also earned him numerous fans! In fact, he has been honored with the “Best Presenter” Award by the Indian Tamil Film Association (ITFA) for his hosting of the highly popular “Valkai Kalvi” (Life Education), a one-hour program which is currently being aired ‘live’ by Astro Vaanavil (satellite TV).

In this multi-ethnic, multi-religious country of ours, Professor Dr.Kader Ibrahim is highly acclaimed by all as a prominent Malaysian who is free of ethnic and racial prejudices.



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